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As many as 42 people have been killed in an attack by Ugandan rebels on a village in the north of the country.
Fighters from the brutal Lord's Resistance Army attacked Lokodi village on Thursday night, hacking victims to death with machetes and clubs.

The army says 25 people died in the village, but survivors say more were marched away and killed elsewhere.

The army says it has weakened the LRA, but the killings follow another deadly attack just days ago.

On Sunday, the rebels struck a camp for displaced civilians, also in the north of the country.

Nearly 50 people may have been killed in that attack, says the BBC's Will Ross in Kampala.

'Difficult to defend'

In the latest attack, one report suggests rebels clashed with army troops north of Gulu town, about 360km (220 miles) north of the Ugandan capital Kampala, on Thursday evening.

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Now this might not make the news like some other global events but it is just as worthy IMO if not more so. As the report says, this is the the second attack in under 7 days in that region and the total number of dead could be as high as 92 from the reports so far. The Ugandan armed forces have been makind some progress against the LRA in recent months but this could be a new upturn in violence.

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