Due to popular demand, SuperbServers is bringing back it's $1000 discount off the first month for all new 100 Mb/s unlimited traffic port orders!

There are two 100 Mb/s unlimited options offered --

Option 1: $2645 - $2745 per month (depending on server hardware; for one server only) for a dedicated unlimited traffic 100 Mb/s port. Guaranteed 100 Mb/s throughput 24x7 (on a 2 Gb/s uplinked switch with less than 20 customer servers on it). Excellent value -- top quality hopone.net bandwidth for only $26.45/Mbps!

Option 2: $1575 per month for an unlimited traffic 100 Mb/s port shared with no, 1 or 2 other customers (1-3 customers per port). This service is recommend for customers which have less than 35 Mb/s peak traffic and are looking for a more affordable solution and do not need full 100 Mb/s burst capacity (though the capacity is there). Note that this option is not featured on our site; to order it, you will need to contact us. Only $15.75/Mbps for the superior hopone.net bandwidth!!

All 100 Mb/s unlimited traffic orders placed and paid for by May 31, 2004 will receive a special $1000/month discount for the first month. I.e. only $1645/month for the first option (dedicated 100M guaranteed-throughput port) or only $575 for option 2 (100M unlimited traffic port shared w/ 0-2 other customers).

To receive this discount, please contact us after placing your order.

Some other notables..

Order a Windows server today and get FREE Hosting Controller server automation software! Hosting Controller is free for the initial prepaid term (1, 3, 6 or 12 months - your choice); as of the next invoice, it'll be billed at a 55% discounted price of only $20/month. This offer expires May 31st, 2004, too.

Check out our current special priced (from $59/month) / free set-up servers at:
Note that quantities of the special discounted servers are limited.

Our regular SuperbServer options have recently had the included traffic doubled and are as follows --

Standard (from $89/month)
- P4/2.4 Ghz
- 512MB RAM
- 80GB drive
- NOW 1000GB/m quality traffic

Plus (from $109/month)
- P4/3.06Ghz
- 512MB RAM
- 80GB drive
- NOW 1500GB/m quality traffic

Pro (from $239/month)
- DUAL XEON/2.8Ghz (OS sees it as 4 CPUs - quad CPU)
- 1024MB DDR RAM, upgradeable to 4GB
- 80GB drive
- NOW 2000GB/m quality traffic

OS: RHL, Fedora, or FreeBSD
Add $45/m for Windows 2000
Add $25/m for Windows 2003
Add $15/m for Windows 2003 Web Edition

Ensim WebAppliance (all versions) for Windows & Linux, plus cPanel/WHM for Linux & BSD are available. For pricing, options, and more details, see:

Test server (traceroutes, test downloads, etc.):

Superior, fully redundant, 100% uptime, no packet loss, ultra low latency SLA, national coast-to-coast hopone.net network info:

The superior hopone.net network spans many states (New York, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Illinois, and California) and major cities and thus has direct peering with most of the large ISPs/cable/DSL providers and major National and International networks/backbones (see the link above). This is a great advantage, as you will enjoy direct connectivity to these major networks and their customers (no intermediary transit networks), which means greater performance and lower latency.

Reference: Contact us for reference client contact details. We have some clients that can be contacted as a reference in regards to performance of our network for high-bandwidth, latency-sensitive, high-performance use, as well as our 100% uptime.

Superb Internet Corp., the parent company of Superb Servers, has been in business since June of 1996 and has won more awards than any other web hosting company -- ever. Come and find out for yourself why. You will find our network and total committment to customer satisfaction unsurpassed - and with the new, lower than ever pricing and doubled monthly traffic levels, it's a simply unbeatable, unsurpassable offer of QoS and value for the money.

Yours Truly,
the SuperbServers Sales Team