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    * Design for Sale!

    HTML-coded Preview:

    What you get:
    +Original .psd file
    +CSS file
    +One html document
    +Customization of site name
    +All sliced .jpg images

    -Starting bid: $100 U.S.
    -Payment via PayPal only

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    Note: You may NOT resell this design after purchase.

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    I was going to offer 80 but it is completely useless to me without resell rights.

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    May I ask why no resell rights if it isn't a secret?

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    prolly doesnt want it sold for a couple grand in the real world
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    If "You may NOT resell this design after purchase" is going to affect sales, I can remove it.

    Thanks and happy bidding

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    Hi, I'm a friend of amplified shock, I'm pretty sure he just said it wrong, it was supposed to mean that after he sells it to the highest bidder now, he is agreeing that he won't sell it again. He doesn't mean that you can't sell it yourself (as the highest bidder).

    I'll wait till he sees this reply to allow him to confirm this so you know that this is his true intent.

    Hope that helps,

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    That is exactly what I meant, thanks for clearing that up.

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