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Thread: Image Clean-up

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    Image Clean-up

    I own and was browsing though a waybackmachine thing and found this logo that the previous owner had used (the logo also went on a shirt) I believe the previous owner went bankrupt so I would like to be able to use this logo on my site and possibly make some shirts with it, but the logo has fuzzy spots from JPEG compression, so I was wonder what someone would change to either remake the logo to where it isn't fuzzy (could be saved as a PNG or some other high quality type). I would like it to be not fuzzy and at defualt size at 1024 wide, then I can resize it and compress it for use on the site.

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    PM sent!

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    I would not suggest using the old owner's logo. Even though they are not using it anymore, it's still their property and not something you should be taking/using without getting their permission. You may have their old domain name, but that does not give you open rights to the content of their old site.

    On a brighter note, that logo is very simple, so creating one like it will be easy. I will make you one for free later in the weekend, once I get caught up on my own work, if "antiphrase" or another member hasn't already made you one by then.

    Good luck with your project. GO JESUS.

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    My problem is I have no way to contact the old owner to get their premission.

    If anyone would like to design a new logo that would be nice too...
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    I've PM'd you with a little sample. I had a bit of time on my hands and figured I would skip the "can I see some previous work" step.

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    I have uploaded another idea I had (this one I made, but it could use a little improvement on the idea).
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    do you have a budget to spend on the logo?

    I can do you up a vector based logo that would work for both the website and for t-shirts or anything else you would need...

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    Hey, i'd like to try an help you with your logo. We both have related sites, so thats cool. I am not a pro, but maybe we could work something out. You can PM me.. Thanks!

    Jesus Rocks!

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