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    Question Need an ecommerce solution for a VOIP telephony service

    Hello All,

    I have a VOIP telephony service and would like an ecommerce solution that would allow customers to Signup and TOP-UP credit online.

    We have merchant accounts to accept payments from Worldpay and Paypal. I am looking at ModernBill(can be customized), Clientexec, OsCommerce and ZenCart.

    The webserver is running Win 2003 Web Edition/PHP/MYSQL/Kayako Helpdesk.

    Hardware: AMD Athlon XP2200/512MB Ram/160GB Hard Disk.

    Has anyone got any suggestions? I will be very grateful.



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    Hi Elkabong - I believe ZenCart and osCommerce can handle your requirements...

    If you can give me a better idea of the workflow process you envision - I may be able to outline how these applications could be used...

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    Hello Gargoyle,

    Thank you for responding to my post.

    Here's my process.

    1. Customer signs up giving full contact details
    2. Send verification email to customer to confirm email address
    3. Customer clicks link in email to activate account
    4. Send customer a welcome email
    5. Customer credits account using Worldpay, Paypal, Nochex or snail mails cheque for $10, $25, $50, $100 or $250.
    6. Customers within the European Union and UK are charged Value Added Tax (VAT) on top of the above because we are VAT registered.
    7. Manually verify transaction
    8. Once all is well, credit customer's account so they can use the service.

    I hope this will be helpful, if you wish you may PM me with contact details for us to discuss further.

    El Kabong

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