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    FreeBSD and CPanel - clarifications


    I've been reading up on Cpanel and FreeBSD and it seems to me that there is a repuation for instability due to CPanel being developed with RH in mind.

    Can hosts that use FreeBSD and Cpanel vouch for these problems or does everything work smoothly?

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    I run/managed/setup FreeBSD servers with cPanel on them and it really depends on you being able to operate the server.

    I won't go into much detail for fear of "YASPW" (Yet another self promotion warning).

    Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.

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    Wouldn't touch freebsd & cpanel with a 10 foot pole. I found it to be buggy as hell. Granted I haven't tested it in a couple months. I gave up and went with RedHat ES & cPanel. I like freebsd alot better then RedHat though.

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    FreeBSD and cPanel used to be bad. We have used this combination for about 18 months now and they have gotten **a lot** better. It is not bug free but once setup and running there are very few problems (no more than Linux). There appears to be some effort from cPanel on improving this combination and they have come far in the past months.
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    i run ONE fbsd 5.2 box with cpanel its hell buggy and way not knowing my way with cpanel as i do with linux.

    one big bug i noticed is not setting /etc/proftpd/passwd.vhosts correctly and i have to fix it everytime new account is added.

    although i'm FreeBSD geek but i'm sorry to say cpanel meant to be for RH Linux
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    FreeBSD works very well for us with cPanel. In fact, less problems and more stable than with RedHat. What bugs are you guys experiencing?
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    This is my problem you see, so many different stories without a firm trend, hmmm!

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    Originally posted by LifelessHost
    it really depends on you being able to operate the server.
    I'd agree with that...

    If you have good experience with both FreeBSD and cPanel (seperately), then you should have no problems with combining them. Some bugs do exist with default installs (although cPanel are doing a great job ironing them out), but can be corrected with some minor investigation and patch work. I'd say that cPanel on FreeBSD can be more stable than on RedHat with a little work.

    If, however, you are not familiar with FreeBSD or the way that cPanel works, you may want to consider sticking with Linux as it is the most popular combination, and therefore the community support base is larger.

    I hope that helps...

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    It is pretty stable. if you know what you are doing thre will be no problem.
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    We know exactly what you guys are referring to. We too has *lots* for rather quirky issues with WHM + FreeBSD in the past. Things have indeeed gotten a lot better, but IMHO, I think that CPanel seems to run a bit smoother under most of the Linux distros.

    From time to time things do get screwed up, and we usually see the same typre of problems in those cases. We don't mearly ask Cpanel to fix the issue, but try to figure our what is casuing it, or ask them what we can do to fix the problem ourselves. Sometimes it's just as easy as running a script or two...

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