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    Looking for the perfect cart (of course)

    I'm a designer and hosting provider. I'm looking for the perfect cart and merchant account for my clients (and myself). Who will fit my needs?

    [list=1][*]Nothing installed on my web server. The cart is hosted with the provider and I submit the "add to cart" via regular form post commands.[*]Full cart functionality (promotional discounts, etc) and easy to administer.[*]Provider takes care of the gateway/merchant account. I am not going to work with multiple vendors and try to match whoever with whoever to make it work. I would like it if the shopping cart provider takes care of the credit card processing themselves.[*]Customizable cart/checkout graphics, colors, layout etc. [*]Profit to me - I need to resell the cart for around $100 profit. A monthly profit would be fine as well. In order to really do this, cart cost needs to be charged directly to me and then I'll bill my client. I'm hoping the cart wouldn't be more than $150 initial cost (before my markup).[*]Same company would be my "gateway" and "merchant account".[/list=1]

    So, who do I go with? (or should I start my own company?)

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    Consider The Business Machine

    I'm looking for a shopping cart as well. What you're looking for is an asp. I suggest you talk to Steve Collins at Another great system is's Netsuite, which is a completely integrated e-commerce, accounting an CRM system based on Oracle, which costs $400 to $500 a month. You could become a partner/reseller, if you could find an accounting firm to partner with you. Other options are Yahoo store, e-bay store and Amazon store, but you won't be able to resell those services.

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    Since you are more than likely on an UNIX platform, have you considered osCommerce?

    If you can use ASP - let me know.

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