I finally got back from the shop the tape a friend made of me....I had no clue he was videoing the take off, which was done in Bethel last spring. The film shows me taking off on a lake with my Cessna 172 taking off on a lake in Bethel... before i could pick up the tape, his VCR ate it. I sent it down to the east coast and they fixed it up for me (which was very grateful for)

If you have speakers, the comments Jo Jo is making is a bit funny and i have to say over extended Some Profanity Is used! Caution

When i finally take off, it is very close to the tunda, however, the reason for that is simple. Drag. I didnt want to take off early or else i would risk slowing down rather then gaining speed. The other fact is that i had full tanks of gas and water in my floats, those three things combined is what resulted in why the delay in take off...During that time, i honestly wasnt scared, i knew where my go/no go point was (about the area of the house you see...) at that point, i knew i was going fast enough to take off, so i wated until the last second...Jo Joe swears up and down that my rear floats hit the tundra....lol....you be the judge ;P

Anyway, have fun watching it as i had doing it


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