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    server4you's VPS is so cheap

    Even much cheaper than many many shared hositng. Why? I am a bit suspecious over their words.
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    For one thing they not ev1 but server for you

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    250mb of space is weak

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    Depending how it's setup performance on a VPS setup could give you even slower speeds than on a shared setup since you most likely don't have access to the ame amount of CPU usage or RAM as you do in a shared environment.
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    Originally posted by shraz
    250mb of space is weak

    Sorry, a typo.

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    I'm having trouble believing that this is a true VPS, as the features list disallows you from using all sorts of things such as PHP, MySQL, webmail, cronjobs, etc... If you truly had root access to a server, which is what VPS should give you, you should be able to do anything you want. I'm guessing that this is simply a shared hosting account labelled under the "VPS" name.

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    true don't go for it
    no php, cgi

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