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    Advertising Methods

    What is the best way to advertise my hosting company? I post on numerous forums, but most bring in pittance in customers. Do any of you web wizards no any places where I can get cheap (if not free) advertising that is good for my site?

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    I doubt any host will actually reveal any good advertising venues they have found. They probably don't want to share.

    My advice is to look at some advertising in your local area. It will be much cheaper by comparison, and the business you get will be far better in quality.

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    Agreed with vito.

    Also, if you drive a car think about putting some stickers on the rear window and back side windows. If you can incorporate a small logo of your company, it will make it that much more professional.

    Just make it small text, nothing humongous, as it will put people off.

    You can even try writing articles for newspapers and submitting them free of charge as long as they put:

    Your Name,
    Company URL

    at the bottom.

    It may not be the best method but its free

    (I have yet to try any of methods myself )

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    Color brochures in your local city.

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    The best way is to give it away free...

    schools, churches, organizations, boys and girls clubs...then these folks become your marketing team and you'll start to get 'premium customers' who pay a nickel or a dime and eventually business class and then first class customers...

    flyers, newspaper ads, phone calls, radio djs, forums, lists, theres a lot of free ways... try calling a local religious radio host and telling them you've got free webspace for a local the animal shelter and make a site for them etc... make sure you've gotthe premium prices and services right up front and you'll build a base from there.
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