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    Post Science News ::Revolutionary animal testing centre to be opened to improve standards.

    Article extract >>

    The UK Government has announced that it is establishing a national centre for "best practice" in animal testing.
    Announcing the proposals on Friday, science minister Lord Sainsbury said the institute would seek to reduce tests and raise standards of welfare.

    Funding for reduction, replacement and refinement of animal tests, known as the "three R's", will rise from 330,000 to 660,000 in this financial year.

    However some animal welfare groups say the move is not nearly enough.

    Refinement and reduction already have plenty of money spent on them - it is replacement that is starved of funds

    Jan Creamer, National Anti-Vivisection Society
    The new institute will be called the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research.

    "No scientist wants to use animals, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary," said Lord Sainsbury. "However I believe a major opportunity now exists to make progress in replacing, refining and reducing the use of animals and improving their welfare."

    Exploring alternatives

    The main aim of this project will be to encourage and fund research into the three R's. This will include exploring alternatives such as computer simulations and experiments on cultured cells.

    Where animal tests are deemed unavoidable, the main objective will be to find ways of reducing suffering.

    End extract <<

    For more info ::

    Now i am not opposed to animal testing but i do feel standards and the conditions must be kept as high and advanced as possible so this probably a necessary and positive development in my view.

    Are you opposed to animal testing, full stop? Yes/No and then what do you think of this report.

    Opinions?? Comments??

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