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    DNS Problem on new Server- Please Help!

    Hey guys, I moved everyone over to my new dedicated server on wednesday, changed the IP's with Godaddy on wednesday, etc.. and as of last night everything was running great and all of my accounts were pointing to my new server IP, and showing up perfect.

    Today I went to check them again and I'm not sure what I did, but a majority of my accounts are still working fine, and pointing to the new server, however 3-4 of them for some reason are now not working.

    I've narrowed it down to this: When running a DNS report at, all of the domains that do NOT work are showing the following warning:

    Glue at parent nameservers
    WARNING. The parent servers (I checked with TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET.) are not providing glue for all your nameservers. This means that they are supplying the NS records (, but not supplying the A records (, which can cause slightly slower connections, and may cause incompatibilities with some non-RFC-compliant programs. This is perfectly acceptable behavior per the RFCs. This will usually occur if your DNS servers are not in the same TLD as your domain (for example, a DNS server of "" for the domain ""). In this case, you can speed up the connections slightly by having NS records that are in the same TLD as your domain.

    All of the accounts that are working do not show this warning, and have a PASS instead.

    How do I fix this?!?

    Thanks as always!!

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    Have been told that .org sites generally will never have glue. More info might be helpful.

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