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    Advertise on a BUSY site (over 15 million hits a month!)

    Now is your chance to advertise on a site that constantly recieves over 15,000,000 hits per month!

    The site is called Infinity Ward Nation and is the proud host of the Official Call of Duty Forums. Call of Duty is a WWII FPS game - and because of our status as Official Forums, it is among the most popular. We constantly have 50-100 people online browsing the forums and the main page as well recieves many hits. Unique visits per day range from 4,000 to 4,750.

    If you'd like to advertise using a 468*60 banner and a link to your site, simply PM me with the following:

    A copy of your sites banner
    A link to our web site

    Adult web sites are not allowed.

    PM me to start advertising today!
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    what is your unique hits?

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    As I said in the first post it ranges from 4,000 to 4,750 a day. That makes it about 130,000 a month on the low end.

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    What's the prices?

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    $15 a month for a rotational 468*60 banner.

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    Sent a PM.

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    Originally posted by SVS Morph
    $15 a month for a rotational 468*60 banner.
    How many banners are being cycled max?
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    They'll be cycled in (5 max) with other ads, however I'm making it so that most of the time it's ads from your site - 70% of the ads will not be through the ad program I'm currently using but rather through ad space that people have purchased here.

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    Hello SVS Morph

    Can you offer any simple text links?

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    No, we do not offer text advertising.

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