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    Writer needs to interview hosting companies

    I'm a writer commissioned to write a piece related to web hosting billing solutions. I need to interview a few web hosting companies. *Please* We do not pay for interviews. At the most, it will be good publicity for your company. Respond by sending PM.

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    You do not have enough posts to receive PM's

    We'd be glad to help you out.
    Hockey is Life

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    same here, always glad to help!

    just send me an email -> vss [at]
    AIM: VSSHelp Vasco
    VSS Hosting - Because uptime means everything
    You Are Suck - Can you survive?

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    If you're looking into interviewing all types of hosting companies (we offer free forum hosting - then we'd be interested too.

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    Thank you guys. I didn't realize I couldn't receive PM's at all I'll contact you. I can also be contacted via lynetteatmarketingrightdotcom. If anyone else is interested. Remember to put "webhosting solution" the subject line or my spam junker will nuke the message.

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    I can help you on this myself. I've had quite a few hosting companies as my clients and worked onsite for one as well.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Email me: chris [at]

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    203 will gladly help you out.

    alex [at]

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    If you need to interview someone about ModernBill, please drop me a line!

    sales (at) realityhosting (dot) net

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    Thanks to all who responded!

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