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    Comission based Sales

    We are having trouble finding a way to track sales to indivisual sales representatives. What do you use that works for you? Should there be a required field in the signup? We dont want to annoy potential clients but we also want to give credit to the appropiate indivisual.

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    Just ask each sales representative to use a particular link that would be assigned to him and track it.

    For ex:

    Bob found a customer a referred him to

    Have you tried an Affiliate program script? Same idea with a link, but calculations would be done automatically

    good luck!

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    Our sales people are in-house staff paid on salary plus commission.

    I do recommend that you have very clear, concise documentation (aka a sales persons employee handbook) that goes over how the commission structure works, when commissions are payable, what happens with refunds (generally commission charge backs / deductions), what happens upon relationship termination, etc.

    In terms of reporting, whatever works best for you – we’ve done Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word.

    We should have a standard by now, but found it easier (most sales people hate reporting… sigh) to allow the sales person to pick their own way as long as they did it.

    Thank you.
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