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    I am a cheap web designer looking for work

    I mainly focus on building fast web sites that don't use up too much bandwidth, I also try to make them supported in most borwsers and to be resizeable, but still look nice.

    I know:

    I can also set up and mod phpbb2 message boards for you.

    I will use any sites I make as examples of my work but this shouldn't affect you too much.

    The basic idea that I am working with is one that is very easily customizeable, it uses <DIV> tags and it will be very easy for me to teach a complete novice how to edit or even add new pages and links.

    Go to my website for my only REAL example of my work, mainly becuase I have never had any real content to add to sites before becuase i have only made them for myself.

    You can either post here, pm me, or idealy e-mail me at [email protected] (you can also add me on messenger)

    As this will be my first real job I will be very cheap but it all depends on what you want (e.g. sites with large custom php scripts will cost more)

    Payment should idealy be by paypal but we may beable to sort out something else.

    Prices for a full custom website will begin at around 50
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    How much CSS do you know?

    Do you understand how to create CSS tables following the UK accessibillty laws?

    Do you have a portfolio of your work.

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    I said go to my website for my only real example, that is mainly made using CSS for all the boxes, the menu rollovers etc.

    never heard of the the "UK accessibillity laws"

    But my lack of a portfolio is why I'm so cheap, I need some stuff to add to it, but thought maybe I could get paid a bit in the process.

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