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    Jul 2003

    2 for appraisal - &

    Hey folks, been a while since posting...

    *nice Article SoftWareRevue *

    Ok, first...

    Nice name, 2 char .org...blah blah blah...
    Over a year...maybe 2 I think...on it.

    The Second domain, is harder....

    This is my "company" or presence on the web. A Simple, clean site...
    Well, I also own the following other extensions for this "name/identity".


    So, what ya think for the domains, as a package...come with the purchase of

    Welp, good luck

    Thanks for your time.
    Matt / SY4

  2. #2 is probably somewhere in the mid-high $xxx's

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    hiya sy4

    to renew or not renew..


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