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    Its been a year... what's the tip to PHP muscles?

    Hey guys,

    My portfolios become empty now, all my old sites and scripts I'd made are either gone, or changed or expired.

    I used to be really good with PHP, made forums, and support systems and all, but its been a year since I went and did any serious programming stuff or got any jobs and put updated myself. Why...? College.

    Now I need help from you guys who're good with PHP to tell me how to catch up... is it the same old thing? I'm hearing alot about PHP5? What's new?

    Any other langs recommended?

    Also, I always wanted to know... how do you make payment systems? CC processing and stuff... I wanted to learn that.

    I'd really really appeciate it if you could help my get back into shape.

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    with regards to payment systems here are two popular choices and

    both im sure u can integrate into ur php scripts for cc transactions

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    how to catch up? Start programming like mad!

    but really the only good way is just to do it. PHP5 is pretty cool, but I haven't touched it. I got burned from 3->4 many things changed until it reached 4.0.4 (IIRC). has some good info on PHP5, mostly objects changed, so if you weren't doing much OO programming you should be ok, but you WILL want to read up on the new object structure.

    payment systems usually interface with a bank, most are done through a merchant account / gateway system. I would be very cautious of jumping into programming payment systems as they are usually targeted by hackers.

    grab PHP5 RC2, Apache2, MMCache, and MySQL 4+ (all free and pretty good) and go at it. Develop a project you would like to see, even if one already exists (read: CMS, Blog, Forums). check out the help wanted section of sourceforge, start fixing bugs in some of the projects.

    if you want a good general book on software construction ( I know you didn't ask) , I would suggest Code Complete
    The Art of Computer Programming

    I can't express enough how these books helped my programming.

    Other good languages are:


    free compiler at:

    ANSI C
    can compile just about anywhere.

    I hope I have helped good luck and get coding!

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    the big change in php5 is the addition of strong namespacing so doing true OO programming will be a lot easier in php

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    Is it true that you have decided not to include namespaces, and will you reconsider implementing namespaces at some later date?

    Namespaces as well as nested classes were secluded from PHP 5 because they don't map well to PHP, and the gain they bring is not significant, versus the amount of complexity they add to the language. Since I don't expect this to change at a later date, I don't expect to see namespaces in PHP in the future.
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    Hey there,

    A book with some great PHP5 information as well as a complete PHP reference is "Core PHP Programming - 3rd Edition by Leon Atkinson with Zeev Suraski".

    It should help you get back into PHP, as well as understand the major changes of PHP5.

    While it can function as a reference for PHP4/PHP5, it's also surprisingly easy to read from cover to cover.

    I've recommended the book to several of our programmers and community members -- so far everyone's been equally enthusiatic about it.

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    Just get yourself into projects.

    Start a few webpages, take a few programming jobs.

    You'll either skin or swim.
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