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For Immediate Release


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (May 19, 2004) -- FastServers.Net, a leading dedicated server provider has begun to install servers in a datacenter located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

The datacenter will provide unprecedented connectivity to the Midwest. This connectivity is mostly attributed to a partnership with InterNap, a leading bandwidth provider. InterNap’s intelligent routing software pre-determines the optimal route to send traffic. It monitors the traffic by looking for latency and re-directing that traffic if needed to maintain the optimal speed. This differs from standard bandwidth providers, who essentially send traffic over their networks at random without regards to latency.

FastServers.Net’s servers have previously been located in Fremont, California due to the region’s superior connectivity and peering opportunities (MAE West). The new Midwest Datacenter will surpass previous connectivity and exploit some key advantages of the Midwest including lower cost of business, stable power/utilities, and security. “We are pleased to be part of such a great project. This new facility will revolutionize the connectivity of the Midwest,” says Aaron Phillips Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FastSevers.Net, Inc.

All new server orders will be installed in the Midwest Datacenter. FastServers.Net will continue operations in Fremont and retain employees in the datacenter for existing servers. FastServers.Net has been located in the Hurricane Electric facility in Fremont since 1997.

In addition to hybrid bandwidth routing, the Midwest Datacenter also features advanced structural and networking designs. Included in the building are redundant UPS systems, redundant Liebert air handlers, card and biometric access control systems, FM-200 gas and VESDA fire protection, pre-engineering for all extreme weather conditions, connectivity via redundant DS3-GigE lines, and more.