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    pages where web sites for sale are advertised


    I am not quite sure if this is the right forum for this post,
    but I didn't find any that were more suitable.

    My question is if there are any web sites where web sites
    that are for sale is advertised?

    I mean live web sites that are developed and with
    excisting traffic.

    I am aware of the forum "other offers and requests", but I am
    looking for something more decidcated to thart subject.



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    Sedo has some nice ones like for sale on there.
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    If you're serious about selling a website and can afford to spend some money to make money, check out , specifically the Domains for Sale - Traffic Only forum.
    A Collection of Web Hosts
    Small biographies on hosts, uptime reports and some reviews
    Feel free to add your review or add a host that isn't on the list.

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    I read on this forum before that sites are sold on ebay, so here is what i found on ebay
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