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    newbie question.........

    recieved a message from a local company for co-Location hosting

    unlimited data transfer per
    month and a static IP for you server. Your server would be sitting on a shared 3mb backbone, We also have a mail server
    that you can use.
    $150 CDN + taxes per month

    Is this a good deal? Is the backbone sufficient to run specialized .NET and ASP web applications such as image uploading, database, design apps?
    Should I be looking for Dedicated Hosting instead od co-locating?

    I have a windows 2003 server I use for script testing purposes only, I have no experience in maintaining a webserver, and am also considering a win2003 admin panel for webhosting, any suggestions.

    sorry for all the ? very new to this


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    For a Windows 2003 Server, co-location is your best bet. If your purpose is not mission critical, i'm certain you can find lower cost solutions though.

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    It's a fair value if you use 1 Mbs or more per month. If you use less you might be able to find a better value.
    Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV. Colocation

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