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    Ok I know this is forum is about wehhosting and domine names but a question came to mind that I bet you all could help me with .

    When the new extension .org cam out every one jumed and some made bank buy buying the proper domains.

    What will happen when Gmail comes out.

    Will a proper Gmail address be valuble?
    Are the trademark/copyprotected?
    Cold I say for instance the day of release sign up for [email protected]? and not get busted?

    Is these such a thing as a valuble or sellable e-mail address?

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Could someone please shed a little light on this for me please.

    As I have never heard of a pricy E-mail account but would only think that some are willing to shell out some bucks for specific @hotmail @yahoo accounts

    I even heard that as of now Gmail is invitation only and some folks are selling their invites for 150.00+ on e-bay.

    Maby it all hype but I am ready for the rope drop.

    Alaska56.... (@gmail?)

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    Well, trademarks are copyright regardless of where they appear. Microsoft can request the confiscation or removal of an email account like [email protected] or [email protected] (gwuahaha).

    I assume email accounts carry value to some people, I suspect that if [email protected] was put on eBay, it would likely sell for thousands.

    Gmail account invitations are going for ~50 on eBay right now because people want to secure their favourite aliases before someone else gets a chance to. They believe that Gmail will become the new standard service with the 1 GB storage.

    If you want one, go for it

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