mysql version 4.1
php version 4.34
postnuke version 7.2.3

I installed postnuke, the latest version and had the same problem so I installed version 7.2.3 everythign went fine but when I access the index.php I get the "this page cannot displayed".
I look at the site specific logs and see no access, I look at the site specific error logs and nothing, I look inthe general access logs and nothign I look in the general error logs(apache) and I get this:
[Thu May 20 22:37:27 2004] [notice] child pid 4780 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
I put a shell window next to the browser and hit refresh and that is all I get.
somewhere, not sure where, but somethign is not working, not sure if its the postnuke or the php version I am using, or the apache version, I can however use phpwebsite with no problems.....
can anyone help me please i have been grueling over this for two days....thanks....