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    Question Open Source Appointment System...

    Hi Guys and Gals,
    I was wondering if anyone is aware of an open source project or system which allows me to offer online appointment services to a client of mine who runs a high end beauty salon?

    I appreciate any feedback.



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    Hi James,

    I'm not aware of your exact needs, but I found a few hits on Freshmeat with Opensource licenses:

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks Jeff, but what I am looking for is something more like this one:

    This one:

    Username: jvargo
    Password: jvargo

    or this one.

    this one.

    that I can host on my own server rather than a subscription service. It doesn't have to be free either and I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for it.

    I just prefer opensource because I will not be stocked with a single programmer and deal with the tech support and update issues.


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