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    Thumbs up Smart PHP Template Engine [script]

    NOTE: for designers and PHP programmers only

    Finally we have created very stable version of the Templates Engine ( ) - 1.72. Price: $39

    SP.Template.Engine handles all data representation using easy to learn sintax structures and allows you to query MySQL databases or other dynamic content sources (your own set of data) from inside the <html> structures without hard PHP coding. You will keep your design layout intact and clear by hiding all SP components to comments or by setting your design software to hide them in your WYSIWYG view.

    It is easy to work with SP.TP in group as each group member will concentrate all efforts on single task - to create a good design or to create simple and reusable data structure. But even programmers will not code PHP scripts - they will put all efforts on tweaking data structure and setting up reusable data objects.

    SP.Database.Engine is a PHP+MySQL-powered forms processor and database manager. This PHP script is a stand-alone application, but works with SP.Templates.Engine's and uses SP.TE language syntax, methods and rules to manipulate MySQL databases and other SmartParser objects.

    It is easy for non-programmers to convert a static HTML file with a <form></form> inside into the PHP script, to customize parsing rules, to attach/create MySQL tables, based on your form's structure. You do not need to write config files, to change code inside your pages manually. The only you need is to install our software, design your form, set parsing rules, convert the file and upload ready to use php script back to your site. This new script will be able to add/remove/update records in predefined MySQL table from the form you created.

    For programmers it is great tool as well as there are a lot of additional settings and options to help you with data manipulation using your own external scripts and settings.

    Syntax examples:

    Real projects powered by SmartParser:, (will be available soon) and some other.

    It's a PHP script, but 30-days trial is available! You are welcome to download and test it.

    Thank you!

    p.s. new free "Image Gallery" script will be available in a day or two as a part of SP package.

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    Looks like a great script, I will have to give that 30 day trial a go. Are you interested in resellers for this script?
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    1. First of all - this price ($39) is for 3 domains license, so you are able to install this script on 3 domains.

    2. Yes, we are working on the promotion for developers and are planning to give FREE one domain license for designers or programmers! More details will be available in a day.

    3. Volume price ~$100 / 5 licenses (each one for 3 sites), but the price can be changed.

    Thank you. Let me know if you have questions.

    p.s. I am not a programmer (just a company ceo ), but I use this script for my own fun & commercial projects. It's a great script!

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