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    PHP max_exec_time modifications common practices

    I need to know if it is common for a host to deny increase y max_exec_time a directive variable which limits running time of a script and that is put in php.ini

    Also there is an couple of php function that can be put in the script apparently to nignore the server directive for the containing script but the limit stays and the error occurs.

    max_exec default time is 30 secs, not much for an upload script and a slow connection.


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    Hey there,

    Has the page been timing out on you, or are you just planning ahead?

    I wouldn't say it's unusual for a host to deny changing their php.ini for a single site. max_exec_time protects their servers from a rogue script eating up server resources.

    According to the PHP docs, max_exec_time will only count the time physical PHP functions are running -- not database connections, etc.
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