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    * modernbill and cvv2

    just a quick question...

    if modernbill doesn't store the cvv2 number as its not legally allowed, how are transactions processed?

    Im aware that the cvv2 number is only needed for the first transaction but what if you choose to manually verify orders.... what happens between the time the customer orders and you accepting and processing payment with regard to the cvv2?

    is it stored for the time being and deleted after accepting/declining or do you have to not use cvv2 verification?

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    No the CVV # is NEVER stored, its illegal to do so, On the inital signup, MB verify's the CVV, and then if it passes it keeps the customer info and stores the CC # if you have it set so, to process Cards you don't HAVE to have cvv, its just a extra fraud protection.

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    ah i think i understand thanks.....

    so even if you manually screen, MB will contact the payment processor and report the findings without charging the card? then you can carry out your own checks afterwards and decide?

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