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    Server Migration

    I am migrating my servers from my current colo facilility to Rackshac. Anyone have any great ideas of how best to do this with no downtime. ie how will I coordinate the DNS move? Thanks in advance.

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    I have a similar situation coming up soon as well....

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to migrate a phpBB DB (20+MB's) without breaking it up into smaller chunks (real PITA)

    I also wanted to know if there are any "best practices" for DNS migration for 0 down?
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    Change DNS and wait till site goes down then move site.

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    Not quite following the idea of "not" having downtime....
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    You could always setup your firewall to forward requests from your server to the new one.

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    Here are a few suggestions.

    DNS with no downtime.
    - Change the all the A records to point to the new site. Set the TTL to 600
    - Make sure the new server has the config for all the sites on the server (/var/named)
    - Change the ips for your name servers at the registrar level.
    - Since your clients will be make changes on the new servers, while using the old dns server, they should not notice any significant difference.

    How to move the db.
    - deny access to the db
    - mysql dump the db to a file
    - gzip the file and move to the new server
    - on the new server you can mysql the file.
    - both databases should have the same exact info.
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    For a Server to Server Transfer (with you owning both) and no downtime, this is what I have done in the past.

    1.First make sure "everything" on the New Server is setup and working properly. This also includes binding all necessary IP addresses and any security settings or PHP specific. (i.e. compiling PHP to include what you want, have safe_mode ON, php open_basedir Tweak ON, etc,) Best to also make sure, your Control Panel is eMailing whatever it should be.

    2. 7 - 10 days before the move you make your Clients aware of it and anything specific they should know or be prepared for. New 'Welcome' eMails will need to be created, for those with a Dedicated IP address and Resellers.

    3. 24-48 hours before transfer:

    - Login to old server as root
    - cd /var/named
    - perl -pi.bak -e "s/14400/900/g" *.db
    - service named restart

    TTL is now every 15 min. (900 seconds) or you could change it to 300 for faster checks if you have lots of accounts with Forums or using mySQL db's.

    4. Do the transfers through your Control Panel or Manually, although, if doing it manually you need to allow yourself more time. Best also to transfer during a slow period for the Server. Once transfer is finished then verify DNS settings are correct for each account. Then you can change DNS settings on old Server to point to the new Server and new IP addresses. You'll want to first change your accounts with Forums and/or mySQL db's because you previously changed the TTL remember. So within 5 or 15 minutes, whatever you set it for, the Internet Backbone is going to check your old Server, see the new IP redirection and start redirecting site Visitors to the new IP's. This will keep Forums / mySQL db's pretty much uptodate.

    5. After that is done and make sure to verify everything, you now send out the new 'Welcome' eMails. Information should include a notice that Client needs to confirm all files/settings were transferred correctly and what to do with Registrars, if applicable. Also let Clients know they have 'X' number of days to make any necessary Registrar changes. After 'X' number of days have passed you delete the accounts off the old Server -- they should not have been updated for days and the information is old anyway. Any Clients that have not made changes with their Registrar will notice their site(s) are down. This is not your fault though, if you gave them plenty of notice and they will move pretty quick, to make the necessary changes.

    There is more to it and will usually be some problems to sort out, but the above is a general outline. If everyone does their part, no one will experience downtime and Forum posts / mySQL db entries will be pretty much accurate. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Bind forward is a nice thing to read up on, helped us loads
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    Originally posted by SpiritAu
    Change DNS and wait till site goes down then move site.
    Thats wrong.

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    rofle yah

    change ur dns to a couple minutes and give it time to propegate the new ttl (equal to ur old ttl, i guess)

    then copy the boxes and disallow writes to the old db, so that people get errors rather than thinkt hey're able to do what they wanta and then a couple days later they find that they've lost 3 days of writes.

    Ideally you'd set the databases to slave off one another (i believe mysql can synchronize DBs), and since for most sites db is the only nonstatic bit, u should be covered (obviously instruct hosting clients not to update files or anything for a couple days while dns evens out).

    that should be zero public downtime, and a minor inconvenience for your customers adminning stuff.
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