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    A thought about homosexuality and gay rights 2

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    Personally I have many gay friends, I find them, in general, to be very fun to hang out with. You ought to go to a gay bar sometime man it's a lot of fun.

    The outpouring of support that I've been reading here for the gay community in general is honestly very heartwarming to read.

    Most people have never sat in a hopistal room waiting to see if their friend is going to live or die, because some jerk thought it would be 'fun' to take a baseball bat and beat the crap out of a guy because he's not straight. I'm glad to see so many that believe people should be able to live with, love and grow old with the person of their choosing.

    There were a few comments about 'gay pride day' and the parties and parades that celebrate the heritage of many Americans. But a lot of igorance (as I used to be) about what that day means to the gay community. Most don't know the origin of this "gay day of celebration", below is an excerpt of that origin:

    Then, on Friday evening, June 27, 1969, the police in New York City raided a Greenwich Village gay bar, the Stonewall Inn. Contrary to expectations, the patrons fought back, provoking three nights of rioting in the area accompanied by the appearance of “gay power” slogans on the buildings. Almost overnight, a massive grassroots gay liberations movement was born. Owing much to the radical protest of blacks, women, and college students in the 1960s, gays challenged all forms of hostility and punishment meted out by society. Choosing to “come out of the closet” and publicly proclaim their identity, they ushered in a social change movement that has grown substantially. By 1973, there were almost eight hundred gay and lesbian organizations in the United States; by 1990, the number was several thousand. By 1970, 5,000 gay men and lesbians marched in New York City to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots; in October 1987, over 600,000 marched in Washington, to demand equality.

    Gay Pride Day is a celebration of the first time gay men and women put themselves in the spotlight, and showed the world they were tired of being harassed, beaten and JAILED, because of whom they happened to fall in love with. It's a reminder that no longer will they be forced to hide themselves in dark corners, for fear of they're very lives.

    I take the day to celebrate with my friends, to be there and support them in their continued efforts just to be accepted.

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    For those few that I've seen toughting being gay as a preference I'd pose a question.... What day did you wake up and decide to be straight? I'll be there, these guys now how to PARTY!
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    What day did you wake up and decide to be straight?
    Human nature, and my girlfriend...

    But honestly, this topic seems to bring a lot of controversy to the forum and the original thread this is referring to was locked for an obvious reason.
    -Robert Norton
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    I want to comment on something because the original thread was closed with a few things that still need to be said.

    Someone said in the original thread:
    ".. I don't like blacks or gays but as long as I dont hurt or do any hate crimes agianst these groups I can continue to belive how I want."

    To which I say:
    Well, no you can't continue to believe what you want. When you get older you may be in a position of authority. In such a position you will discriminate against colored people and gays, which is wrong and DOES hurt others. I'm not saying that you need to like them. I am saying that you need to learn not to let your feelings or thoughts influence what is fair or just.

    What if a black or gay person came to you for a job. Then a white person did. But the black and gay were far more qualified. Can you honestly say that you would not discriminate? Or what about a home loan, a promotion, etc...
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    Threads are closed for a reason.

    And the reason isn't, "Please open another thread."

    Thread closed.
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