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    Top-of-the-line Web Hosting Directroy Template - FOR SALE $350

    FOR SALE: High Quality Web Hosting Directory template for $350US (Or Highest Offer):

    ** The preview of the design may take a short time to load - the image quality is not at its best due to the screen shoot.

    This design has been exclusively released at Here are the details:

    100% Original template
    Logo Design
    Free Customization (To suit your companies needs)
    Converted to HTML with Style Sheet (CSS)
    1 Free Custom Sub Page
    Easily edited in Macromedia Dreamweaver
    Photoshop Files Included (Cleanly layered PSD)
    50% upfront payment / 50% final payment
    Completed within 3 - 5 days of upfront payment!
    Payment via (Other payments can be arranged)
    After Sale's Support
    'Design by' must be included in the design (Contact for more info)

    In regards to the features in the design (such as 'news artciles', 'press releases', 'newsletter', etc...), we can change all these features to suit your needs. Along with the color scheme, if need be.

    Please feel free to check our most recent Portfolio Work:

    Save Server:
    Host Authorize:
    Main Page:
    Host Pixel:
    Digitally Justified:

    ICQ: 54685616
    AOL: ZeroMediaDesign
    Send in your Enquiries >> [email protected]

    First in Best Dressed - Highest offer will be taken! Feedback welcome - Thanks for your time guys!
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    Great template and also great looking portfolio! Good luck with your sale~

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    OH MY! One of the nicest pieces of work I've seen posted here at WHT in a LONG LONG time.

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    Another great looking design.

    Will you be offering any coding or scripting for the search features, add a site, etc?

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    Thanks for the feedback guys - much apperciated! We do also offer custom work.

    In regards to your question Gen-T, we can code the site in PHP if the buyer desires too - thats no problem.

    We cannot include any of the scripting in the fee, as the idea is that you buy the template and intergrate it into your own system - or create one around it.

    If anyone is interested, then please feel free to contact us at - [email protected] - we'd be glad to anwser any more questions you may have.

    Thanks again.

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    Very nice work I agree with Mekhu!
    Clustered Hosting With Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
    8 Years of hosting excellence!

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    RC, quick question as I'm considering making a purchase. I'm not too worried about you guys coding, etc as all I would need is the psd, but is the design made to fit 800 x 600 browser or would some modifying be needed?

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    Hi Mekhu,

    All of our designs are made to fit 800 x 600 browsers. The standard resolution size is normally 800 x 600 for PC's, so we make sure that our designs are within that size.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask..

    You can also contact me online - ICQ: 54685616 or AOL: ZeroMediaDesign
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    We have already sent you an e-mail !
    but !no reply yet , let me know how much would you ask for

    with some customization ?

    how about if we ask you to build the sub pages ?


    Bijan & Andy

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    Hi Bijan and Andy,

    I have just sent through an email for you.

    I noticed that your are online now, so feel free to contact me on ICQ: 54685616 or AOL: ZeroMediaDesign

    Myself or a customer service rep will be online for another few hours. Thanks for the interest in our work.

    And finally, the Web Hosting Directory template is still for sale - so if your interested, please get intouch.

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    bandwidth exceeded

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    Dear Tom,

    I sent you an e-mail yesterday !

    please let me know if you have got it .



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    Website Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.

    Would like to see the design, but I can't.

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    Sorry about that - time for a new host

    You can now view the design at the following address:


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    Will you be moving the other sites/examples too?

    (that were hosted at EnhanceYourVision)
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    We are currently developing our new design firm, ZeroMedia, and plan to have it online within the next month.

    I will have the bandwidth limit fixed shortly.

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    if you need webhosting -

    email the webmaster if you want hosting if signups appear to be disabled!

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    Once again, thanks to everyone for their interest and feedback. We really appreciate it.

    We just wanted to make a note that the Web Hosting Directory template has been SOLD.

    Stay tuned to Web Hosting Talk for more unique web hosting related templates.

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    Great job on that directory and congrats on the sale.<-- Ask me about low cost dedicated servers

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