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    DNS, NameServer, Vhost configuration

    I whant to offer webhosting to others, but for that
    I have some questions:

    1. How can I setup my computer to offer DNS service. Is there programs/softwares thar are doing that. Some control panels. What can I use?

    2. How can I setup my computer to offer nameservers.
    3. How can i setup my server on vhosts. About vhost, what realy does? for example if i have one IP and i want to ofer webhosting can i setup may computer to use these IP for other pages than mine? I mean to setup my computer on vhost without needign other IP's.

    I am using Linux Mandrake. But i whant if there options to me to do that on windows?

    Escuse my english but i'm not native english speaker.

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    good questions

    Hey, once you're up pm me a link to ur signup page. ThanX
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    you need to have very good DNS resources to do that. There are lots of domain name companies that offer the DNS forwarding and other DNS services for very cheap so you need to see what they price first. Which server your are running ?
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    You sound as though your very new to it all so my advice is to start as a reseller... It will allow you to learn as you go.

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    10,573 is great place to start.

    but as PhilG said better to start with reseller account till you have enough experience to run your own server.
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    Thanks to all that answered me. As a resseler is not a good idea. In my country , to be a resseler ,you have to pay very much.

    Telnettro i don't understand your answe or request.

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    Why? you wont be a reseller of someone in your country right? There are so many companies in US for domains for hosting biz
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