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    Have a plan..anybody here interested it??

    I'm a programmer , was a student so I knew how difficult to find some books for studying. Because that , I have tryed to find in the internet's resouce . After that, I reconiges that many many people in this world also looking for knowledge , for books , especially ebooks for their studying and for their hobby... ... For 2 years collected as many books as I can , now I have about 6 GB ebooks of all kind, many relate in IT , electronic , telecommunication , bussiness and some others... In te Internet , you know, has many forum , webpage provide ebooks and some link but noone has enough for all . Now , i also have a collect of about 200 link to many ftp server , webpage with thier newest ebooks , newest link ... And I think , why don't I open a forum, a portal just for ebooks , share for everybody , make it become one of the largest site about ebooks . In that site , there are many ebooks for every member of theforum can download if they have enough points , or maybe they are a full member .. but the book is limited , if someone want to have right for connect to all of the ebooks FTP or download all of the books , they must donate some to us for maintaining our server......etc...
    But, ... I have some problems , the most important is I do not have a good enough FTP server to upload books, and create a high speed forum . So I came here and invite someone here , who is intereted with my plan , maybe help me.
    Plz contact me at: [email protected]
    Now I have 2 domain name but no server...

    Any way...thanks for reading my very very bad English...

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    Are they all legal ebooks?

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    If they're legal books i'm very interested.

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    hmm, what a difficult question!I do not know wherther my ebooks or ebooks provided on the Internet is legal or not... .. but most of them are come from the disk included with the text book .Some of them are provide by Oday , teamlib and other groups on the internet.Some of them , especially ebooks from Syngress nad ebooks about MCSD.NEt certification , I bought it on Amazon website and BN .

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    do you have aim or msn?

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    I only use YIM because noone in my country use AIM or MSN...
    My YIM is anhkhoa154 ...
    And if need , I will register an new AIM account...

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    me or
    icq 20196017

    i am doing my computer sceince major and i always intertested about this kind of sites. It is always diffucult to find this kind of things on net.

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    If you also need a back up or something, let me know. Myself or one of my clients might be interested as well.

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    I'm also interested, but I hope that they're legal ebooks for your sake! Last thing you'd want is copyright infringement

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    If you meant "0 day" (zero day) that is generally a term associated with warez or illegal download portals. Be very careful first of all in possessing these documents and secondly putting them out for the public on what you hope will become the largest eBook site.

    Good luck to you, just be cautious.

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    I know this thread is a couple of weeks old, but I just came across it and wanted to share some information regarding the legality of posting these e-books to share with others. I work for one of the puslishers mentioned in the thread, and we do not allow for our e-books to be posted in this manner. We sell single-user versions of our e-books, and often provide single-user e-books with the purchase of a printed book. Sharing these e-books as described in this thread is a violation of the copyright. This isn't a flame/rant/warning, but given that a couple of questions/comments had already been posted on this topic, I thought a definitive answer might be benificial.

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