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    Why was my old account deactivated?

    Before you start flaming and/or becoming angry, give me a chance:

    I've been a partly on, partly off WHT member since 2001 on my old account, Speakerguy.

    The last post I made on that account was this thread:

    I've honestly broken no rules as you can see in the above thread; I myself am not a webhost (other than a FreeBSD 4.9 server in my garage), nor do I do any for profit design or marketing. In other words, I have no reason to break any rules in the first place.

    The only reason I use WHT is guys are extremely versed in apache. I'm not here to promote anything.

    Just for clarification, In the thread I linked to before, I said "I colocate." I do sort of: the "new box" I was referring to was a p2 333 in my friend Shaun Sander's garage. Basically me and him were trying to move his site to servers we had physical access too [an attempt that failed].

    I realize that it specifically says "one user, one account" on the signup page, and I can't appologize enough for that. I'm just not quite sure its fair that my account was disabled, though.
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    Your original account doesn't list "Account Disabled" on it. So, it should still be active.
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    Originally posted by JTY
    Your original account doesn't list "Account Disabled" on it. So, it should still be active.
    When I try to post with it or use PMs on it, though, I get the "account disabled" error message.
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    You need to reactivate your account after changing your email address.

    Had you used you would have received an explanation.
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