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    * Php Scripts Needed!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone.

    I知 looking for someone who is pretty good with PHP, to write me a few scripts which will all interface from one management page.

    I have a site I run and own, which is based on a sport I do. At the moment I知 in the middle of redoing the site from scratch and have a lot of new ideas and features. I知 managing to find the scripts I need, but what I知 ending up with is just as many individual Management Pages for each script, where what I would like is just one Management Page where I can login and change the data/settings etc of any script.

    Hears a few scripts I知 after,

    STATS basic info like how many visitors are online, how many visitors for that day so far, and how many in total. On the administration side I would like to be able to reset or modify the 田ounter.

    LINK COUNTER to track all the links and banners on my site and log how many times each link as been hit. On the administration side, I would need to be able to define different categories. 鄭dvertisement Links, 敵eneral Links & 徹ther Links etc. Where I can then Add / Remove / Change a Link at any time and place which category it goes in. I would really like some kind of Members login, people can view how many hits there link is getting.

    MAILING LIST visitors can enter there email address and when submitted there email address is then stored on a mailing list. When doing this process the visitor must verify with the use of an email verification link sent to the registered email address. On the administration side, I must be able to view / delete / change any of the email address and also send out emails to the members using some kind of email form. All emails sent out to the Mailing List to hold a unsubscribe link.

    MEMBER LOGIN MANAGEMENT Create / Delete / Modify user accounts, also be able to specify the RANK LEVEL of each/any user account. Where each RANK LEVEL opens a different page.

    If anyone is interested or would like more information you can contact me at neil [AT] where we can talk about it more.


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    PM or email (chris [at] me to discuss your budget, etc.

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    PM me or mail & msn me to angelus[at]

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    possision currently filled

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    PM me or mail jove[at]go4[dot].it

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    POSSISION BACK OPEN. Please note i have changed what i am looking for, which i feel is what is more suited to my needs..

    Basically I want to have user accounts on my site but restrict individual users to what pages they can see on my site from a selection that I would provide.

    The idea on how I thought this would work is, I can create what would be called 途estricted page references, these would carry an option 摘nable or 泥isable and every time I create one of these, they would be stored in the user profile. So then if I selected a user account and clicked on 撤age Restrictions it would list all the 途estricted page references in the database with the option next to each on letting me 兎nable or 電isable.

    Then when the user account logs in, only enabled page referenced would be shown.

    This is the basic idea, more details on what I need are found below.

    Fields needed Full Name, Email Address, Username and Password.

    1. Create, Delete, Edit user account details.
    2. A link called 撤age Restrictions, when clicked this will list all the restricted page references currently held in the system. With the option next to each listing to 摘nable / Disable.

    Fields needed - Category, Title Name, File Name, Upload File (tick box) with browse box. Also a select field with the options 摘nable and 泥isable in, titled 堵lobal set

    1. Create, Delete, Edit restricted page reference.
    2. Next to each reference have a link 展ho has access, when clicked all the users who have that reference 摘nabled will be displayed.

    When creating a new restricted page reference, I will select a category from a list and then provide the details needed. If I want to upload the file also I would tick the 鍍ick box as mentioned in FUNCTION (2) above and then browse for a file, where it would then be uploaded when I submit the details.

    At a guess I would say each user account needs a Table in the MySQL that is used to hold all the reference pages. Perhaps when a new reference is created it is given an assigned a unique ID number and then that ID number is also stored in the TABLE with a True or False statement.

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