Sites Where your Banner will be placed:
PassionsForLife.Com - (Bottom banner spot)
PassionsSearch.Com - Throughout top of site - button spots available.
The PassionsForLife Forum - (Under the Top Logo)
PureSoapNetwork.Com - (Throughout the site)
Daysforlife.Com Forum - Under the Top Logo

Seen at the top at most of the network's pages, the banner captures the user's attention with its placement directly above the desired content. We currently have 2 types of banners and picture types available from you to choose from.

Plan 1 - Normal Banner

468x60 pixels
Maximum file size: 26k
Location: PassionsSearch.Com, PassionsForLife.Com, Passionsforlife Forum, PureSoapNetwork.Com and Daysforlife.Com forum.

Complete Network - (Seen on all sites listed under Specs)
For the month = $20.00
Unlimited impressions/clicks.

Plan 2 - Micro Button

88 x 31 pixels
Maximum file size: 20k
Location: Side block on all included sites: PassionsSearch.Com, PassionsForLife.Com.

(Seen on all sites listed under Specs)
For the month = $5.00
Unlimited impressions/clicks

Text links - $30 for the month across the entire network.

Only accepting 10 Banner spots for the entire network. And 10 Text links.

phpadsnew runs the ads.

Passionssearch and passionsforlife has been mentioned in SoapOpera Weekly and SoapOpera Digest Magazines. Passionsforlife has nearly 2000 registered users on the forums and is very active as is Daysforlife forum. has gotten 2400+ unique visitors this month so far.
Passionsforlife has recieved 1600+ unique visitors this month so far.

For more information, please contact:
ads [at] pete99 [dot] com