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    asp programming question

    i want to be able to ftp to and from other servers using an asp application. see this for a php example:

    the current windows component installed on my host is aspinet which will only put and get between my server and a remote server. and you have to know the full server path on the other server. so ive been looking at a couple components to buy a license for, mainly to use their ability to log in and get the directory structure on the remote server.

    does anyone have any other ideas of how to do this? ive found various hacks but nothing seems to work. im willing to buy something extra and have the host install it but want to explore any other options...



    ps - the components im considering are:

    KFTP Component

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    have you thought of using php?

    php has libraries built in to ftp already.

    i looked up about asp. you have to probably create either your own ASP component with the ATL (Active temlate library) which will do it, or buy one..

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