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    My small collection/I am new to this I live in alaska (maby I will sell ak stuff) My first working site (daughter) My fav honey (the best honey in the world) Maby there will be another space race ? Strange site for a newbee(hope to learn)

    If I ever get the time I wish to have a site that sells organic/natural products and energy suppliments. hence the names

    Do any of these have value on there own? predeveloped?

    And how do I tell how many type ins or how much traffic they are geting already? I am using name cheap for them all.


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    healingorganically MAY do.
    Same with WebsiteInstructor, unsure though.

    The best thing to do is buy .com's as the others are worth a LOT less.

    Good luck on your business adventures.

    Zach Inglis
    Reality Art Studios Ltd

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