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    Nov 2002
    42 for sale!

    Thanks for for crashing and losing my Sql dbs, I would like to sell my site...

    It had 4500+ active members prior to losing my site.

    I have no stats available as they are all wiped as well. I was pulling in $60-$80 a month from FocusIN advertisement.

    If anyone is interested please contact me.

    AIM: PhantasyRPG
    pm me.

    I am selling because lost 4 of my sites, and all I have is the code and extremely old backups (because I formatted my hardrive to increase my pcs speed).

    I will be working on my other MMORPG and will no longer have time to work on this site.

    The game includes alot of features, and admin features for maintaining the game.

    Some features
    User-Owned Sets
    User-Owned Shops
    PvP fighting (a simple 1 sided battle)
    In Game messaging
    In Game Chat
    In Game Forum
    Buddy list
    Search feature to find other members/items
    Admin easily add items/enemies/locations
    Admin easily maintain user accounts

    I am looking for at least $600, but will entertain all offers.

    -Doug S.

    Additional Information
    This site was at a subdomain since Feb. then transfered to its own domain in April. It is listed with all the major MMORPG sites.

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    who programmed this? how much traffic is it getting now?

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    This was programmed by myself in Php/MySql. I just got it online today, so if you wait a day or two I can show you what the traffic looks like.

    -Doug S.

    EDIT: In April it received 1.4 million impressions.

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    1.4 million pageviews? or "Hits"

    got any screenshots of the game

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    Nov 2002
    1.4 million page views.

    Sorry I do not have any screenshots available, but feel free to register and check the game out.


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    Looks nice.

    Im interested. Ill see what I can russle up.

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    Can you send me some stats. Whats the bandwidth like?

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    * YO

    Are you still selling the game. would be interested.

    Email: [email protected]

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    How can this be? This thread was opened on 2004 I guess it is sold long time backwards.

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    yea but would still like to own this game. i want the original scripts. not the s-rpg versions.

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    I doubt it!

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    What happened to the script?

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