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    how to develop a domain ?

    I have seen lot of people mention "develop a domain". How do you develop a domain ? you add some content ? or redirect to another website ? or something else ?

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    Add content is what i refer to "develop a domain" and you also must establish the domain as that type of site and get visitors to it.

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    You might want to look up the word develop.... Basically you design a website for the domain the content it has and how effective you create it will bring its rewards... Redirecting your domain is pointless and will only benifit the other site unless its your affiliate, which is a way of making money if you affiliate with a site you'll get comission for every sale that was bought to them by you..... There are countless scripts ( out there for you to help you build a site... but you will need to pay for good webhosting that will enable you to create an effective site.. knowledge is the key, theres countless things for you to learn when you enter the world of web buliding... Your first step is to buy a copy of dreamweaver... Learn about about mysql data bases, at least learn to understand html and php...
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