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    Cpanel Backup confuses me.

    First and foremost let me apologize if this is in the wrong forum.

    Ok, I have 2 Full Cpanel backups, but they are confusing the heck out of me...

    Also I am only looking to get the MySql files out of these backups, or restore them and manually take out my mysql files..

    I untrar'd one on my pc, and everything looks fine except the folder /mysql/ which has 5 files representing my 5 MySql dbs I had, but they are all empty. Their file size is just 0kb.

    After being baffled for quite sometime, I figured I should just do the restore backup through Cpanel. So I did that, and it unzip my 750mb of stuff in the parent directory with


    under MyBackup it has the same exact things that showed up on my pc. I am confused on why it didnt put these file where they are suppose to go, and I am really confused on how I can get my MySql dbs.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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    The sql backup file issue is a cpanel bug.
    See this thread:

    You can backup Mysql db's using cpanel backup or a 'wget' downloader type program to grab them via http.
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    To make a matter worse.... oh f*ck


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