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    Logo Request

    Hello, I'm going to be opening a business very soon, but logos are just not my thing, I'm willing to pay up to $20 for anyone to design me a unique logo for a company called ElucideX, its a web hosting hosting company for the most part. Dimensions preffered are anywhere around 125(width)x300pixels. Please email me any questions, or prototypes with your price, thanks.

    email address is: [email protected]

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    Have msn or aim? Im interested in this.

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    Yea, aim is Caddy120 or Jwstuart26, typically im on caddy120

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    Quick correction, its 300pixels wide, and 125 high, sorry

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    What are you looking for in the logo? Can you add me on AIM or MSN? I can't add AIM contacts on Trillian


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    im interested ill talk to u on aim about it

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    I'm all set now, thanks a lot everyone.

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    Originally posted by ElucideX
    I'm all set now, thanks a lot everyone.
    Geez guess I'm late. Got a mockup too oh well

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