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    Help with dathorn

    I just bought the basic account and just been learning how to use the WHM account. I created a package for on of my sites that is 42mg big.

    The site has about 6,000 pages, I uploaded around 3,000 pages and when it was done uploading it only showed that I had only uploaded 1,998 pages so I tried to upload the rest and after it was done uploading again in still showed 1,998 objects uploaded. So I went to view the site and the pages I had uploaded that didn't show up when I uploaded were on the site, but no where to be seen after I upload them on ftp, theres no file for them. No matter how many pages I upload it keeps showing only 1,998 pages, whats wrong? How can I fix it, In my WHM account it says I've only used 27mg of the 42mg I have for this site so I know I have gone over my quota.

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    Maybe it would be better to ask Dathorn Support this question. Its really impossible to tell what the problem is without access to anything.
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    Yeah this is definitely something that should be directed to their support team!

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    I know exactly what the issue is, they're using PureFTPd as their FTP server. This is a limitation of that server, and a known bug. Talk to their tech support, as the others have suggested.
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