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    Processor for non-US pharmacy

    I have an online pharmacy. I am physically located in Scandinavia, but the business is completely offshore. Paysystems and multicards no longer accept online pharmacies, a major hassle for me.

    Any suggestions on a good processor? It doesn't matter if it's third party or a merchant account, just as long as it's a stable company! PM me!

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    have you tried paypal?

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    Paypal doesn't accept pharmacies.

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    Check or

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    worldpay and ccnow doesn't accept online pharmacies. There are alternatives, but I don't like extreme setupcosts, and at least 50% of the offshore/anonymous/highrisk blabla are quite shady, and could disappear...with my money!

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    Fifth post. I can now have PM sent to me.

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    Give a look, Im not sure if they tale pharmacies but I hear they allow alot of stuff. Elisha Cuthbert Gallery

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    Talk to Corey and his business partner. They have a lot of contacts that should be able to help you out.

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    Thanks for the recommendation thetopguy. As always - it is much appreciated.

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    did you get your money?

    I just wondering, did multicards paid you, as far as i'm related to an online pharmacy as well, which was working through multicards, at this moment there is a lawyer taking care of the issue, as far as they did not pay what they owe


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    Online Pharmacy

    I know you can assist you in obtaining a direct merchant account.

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    Also interested in any responses to this...

    Hi all,

    I am also interested in any options for this as I also run an offshore pharmacy. I have tried PayPal (who closed my account and froze quite a lot of money), then Pay-Line (who it now appears may have done a runner with even more money).

    There must be some 3rd party processor out there, or a merchant account provider, who is not going to charge me a fortune and / or take my hard-earned money!

    Considering e-Gold at this stage, but the account funding may be too complicated and expensive, therefore prohibitive, to many potential customers.

    Thanks for any pointers.


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    Try Wide Ring Corporation based out of Toronto, Canada

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