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    Question Problem Changing DNS

    I am a newbie web host reseller. I am trying to move a website from my old hosting company to my new server. So, I am trying to change the DNS. The current DNS is:

    I am trying to change it to my nameservers:

    However, when I submit the changes I get the following message:

    "Unable to update nameservers: Command failed: unable to verify existence of nameserver "

    I was successful in changing the DNS and moving one site from this same host to my nameserver without problems at all. --- Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. ...Burt

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    means the owner of hasn't registered those nameservers. Talk to them about the issue. If you know the IPs you can register your own nameservers on the same IP and just use that.
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    It appears the nameservers are set up correctly. I was able to change the nameservers of a different domain hosted by this same company to mine ( & ns2..... In addition, I have since registered new domains, listing my servers, and successfully uploading a website. However, I still can not get the name servers changed for this one domain.

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    the name is registered where? seems its a registrar related problem not a domain related problem.
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    The nameservers seem to have been setup and working properly. I think you would need to contact the registrar (Enom) to resolve this issue.
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