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    Looking for host with these requirements...

    Hi - I'm looking at moving my webpages that are on my ISP's server. I also want to start a blog, and have the flexibility to play with things like bulletin board creation.

    *I need a host that will accept frontpage extensions.
    *I want to be able to post either wordpress or textpattern blogs (haven't decided which yet).
    *I want to be able to create a bulletin board at some point.
    *I'd also like the host to be on the cheaper end. $60 a year is about the maximum for me.

    Is there anything that fits my bill, but is also reliable? I don't want to get screwed over if it means paying $5 or $10 more for that pretty great host.

    Also I want a host that's not going to drop off the face of the earth next year.

    Yeesh, picking out an email provider is much easier than picking out a webhost...if you need email help drop on over to and I'll help you over there!


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    P4HOST.COM -- Specialize in quality Web Hosting solutions.
    Affordable -- Prices are very comparative
    Reliable -- Very low load average guaranteed. 60 day money back. Fast Support --Support Forum -- Providing hosting since 2003

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    Oh thanks - I like the FindMyHosting site.

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    yeah, is good for reseraching hosts also.

    Take care.

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    I'd also like the host to be on the cheaper end. $60 a year is about the maximum for me.
    It really depends on what your needs in terms of space/bandwidth are. A good rule of thumb is 1$+/gb of data transfer, as it increases the chances of getting good service... You know, you have to pay for what you get, it's just natural...

    Good luck with your search!
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    Yes, make sure that they have honest & friendly support & make sure they have great uptime !


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    60.00/year = 5.00/month. For 5.00 per month you'll find plenty of hosts willing to host you - but as mentioned, you really need to decide how much space / bandwidth you're going to need. Because 5.00/m wont buy you much of either.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Yes I don't know how much bandwidth I'm going to need yet. I've no idea. I suppose I'll start out small, then if I need more later I'll get it. I really need friendly service, honesty, and an easy to use interface. As I get more experienced with what I need I can upgrade at that point.

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    For that kind of a site I'd recommend something like

    I've been with them for two years and I have a similar sort of site. And they have been nothing but excellent.

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    Most hosts can meet your requirements...

    $5.00/month is on the low end of what youre going to pay for reliable hosting - though, as previously mentioned - it all depends on the space/bandwith you require....

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    Thanks Ben and Gargoyle! I'll be looking at them all!!!

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