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    Question Game Server Control Panel

    How much would it cost to make software sort of like gamedaemons GDX, where as soon as you order it installs the server and it gives you control panel to access your server with. What is the price estimate to code something like that? I need full us dollar amount not "alot". These are the features I need all built into 1 panel.
    Setup Instantly when ordered
    stop/start HLTV, and Gaming Server including Ventrilo Server if they order one
    paypal integration
    change server gametype (like dod to cs, cs to ns)
    billing built in so it instantly tells when their next bill is due and pay for it through the panel
    modify configs
    add admins with amx or admin mod
    live rcon so you can instantly type rcon commands in
    login form that can be built into a website
    help sections built in
    SSL Support
    player stats and server info(map name, players currently in the server)
    ability to make sub accounts
    Server Reinstall, add new gaming server (If they wish to purchase another one)
    multiple servers for 1 login name
    ability to cap the amount of players the server is allowed to be
    support ticket system built in

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    If asked to create this project, I woud prolly quote something around 20 to 30K depending on the other requirements.

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    20 to 30 k? wow what dream world are you living in

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    I living in the real world. Not in the "Kids doing php for 1$ an hour" world.

    Developping this project in a clean, secure and professional time requires software engineering (Analysis, planning, etc.) and it takes time.

    Looks like you don't know much about software developping. Do you think CPanel was created in one night ? Ask CPanel if you can buy their code for 1K...

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    Originally posted by DeMoKiLL
    20 to 30 k? wow what dream world are you living in
    DeMoKiLL: Please be aware that this is not, and that a large number of the members here at WHT rely upon their businesses as a full time job (AKA they are not fly-by-night companies). If you believe that these users are "living in a dream world," I can say that you are incorrect. You yourself are not living in the real world and need to realize that true professionals are not going to work for one or two dollars an hour on such a project. I'd be willing to give you a rough estimate of $10k, but again I am going to assume your looking for this to be done for around $50. Before criticizing users on this forum, please put yourself in reality check.

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