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What is Soundvolume:
"Music sites such as MTV give you plenty of music news,reviews, and articles, but only Soundvolume will provide the story behind the music. Soundvolume will be the first music site to provide the most music news as it happens. Not only that, but Soundvolume will strive to be better then the competition. Our article reviewers will write the most comprehensive reviews and in-depth articles that you've ever read."
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"Much like the person that created the lightbulb (who was that again?) Soundvolume needs your support. Without it, there wouldn't be a lightbuld, and there won't be a Soundvolume. Through support you can help make the dream of Soundvolume a reality, and then, when we hit it big, we'll be sure to save you a spot in one of our skyscrappers that will be built in New York and California. (Ok. Maybe we're stretching it a little bit...because we'd probably have more than 2.)"
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