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    Game Server Control Panel

    How much would it cost to make software sort of like gamedaemons GDX, where as soon as you order it installs the server and it gives you control panel to access your server with. What is the price estimate to code something like that? I need full us dollar amount not "alot". These are the features I need all built into 1 panel.
    Setup Instantly when ordered
    stop/start HLTV, and Gaming Server including Ventrilo Server if they order one
    paypal integration
    change server gametype (like dod to cs, cs to ns)
    billing built in so it instantly tells when their next bill is due and pay for it through the panel
    modify configs
    add admins with amx or admin mod
    live rcon so you can instantly type rcon commands in
    login form that can be built into a website
    help sections built in
    SSL Support
    player stats and server info(map name, players currently in the server)
    ability to make sub accounts
    Server Reinstall, add new gaming server (If they wish to purchase another one)
    multiple servers for 1 login name
    ability to cap the amount of players the server is allowed to be
    support ticket system built in

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    A few thousand, 3-5 maybe? Assuming you want a fully coded solution.

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    I know for sure it will be $1000+, you might be able to find someone for $2500.

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    hmm that sounds about right, ah I see how long would it take

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    PM me. I have one under development.

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    pmed you

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    bump ...

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    I will be willing to work out a deal with any one who can make a game server for us,

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    interesting im interested in something like this myself

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    For a complete web-based panel with all those functions plus serverside code is going to cost a whole lot more than $5k, even at $10/hour. Massive, massive project.

    Everyone is "working" on a panel, nobody has anything to show it seems...
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    everyone is working on a control panel and yet no one can explain how to make a basic cp or write a how-to or tutorial.

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    Writing a control panel is complicated. It's more than a simple how-to. Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    Does anyone happen to know where you could find a possible tutorial for going web-based to shell?
    I used to have one a friend made, but we are no longer in touch. It was made for CS and could install all kind of needed mods, (cs, hl, etc.) But my main question is just how you would script editions to logon to the server, and edit whatever changes would've taken effect. I've been trying to look through the source files of whm, but haven't been able to find anything useful. If anyone does happen to have any feedback or another tutorial on how I could go about doing so, i'd be most appreciative.

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    Odds are, you probably can't use WHM to run game servers... If I'm reading your post right. Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    What I meant is i've been reading through the source of WHM to see how to even get started on a gaming server panel.

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