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    apache+winxp+lots of connections = server not responding ???


    I need help on this guys, hope someone has a solution for this problem, it took me quite long to configure and tune my own home-made server and now it is not working well

    First of all I know that I should not try to use a cable connection to run my own host, I shoud buy it from a professional company and all that use to hear in this forum , but according to my provider TOS It's ok to run a webserver and I feel better controlling everything, its great

    My connection is 1000 down / 600 up cablemodem connected via ethernet. My server is a windows xp professional, apache 49, php, mysql, activestate perl... and so on.

    Everything has been working fine for 2 weeks, serving a site that has about 1000 visits/day. Today I moved a bigger site to the server, with about 5000 visits per day or more. The problem came some hour later, on the higer demand hour for the site (about 50-100 visits each 15 minutes or so).

    The server ran well, cpu usage was low, bandwidth was more than enough, and suddenly, the sites stoped responding, any requesto of a page give tiemouts, like if there was no server runing, when in fact it is. I can connect to it through remote desktop and apache is running, but not serving pages.

    An apache restart solves the problem, but its the second time this afternoon I need to restart it...

    Does anyone know what happens and how can I solve it??

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    I've found that my problem is that I ahve too many connections. In "netstat" the number of clients is huge, each one with 5 or more open connections... how can I limit this?? Any timeout option? Max_clients?

    I'm using virtualservers, any command in each of them??

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    Lower your timeout and also lower your max_connections/max_clients value. Dont lower the max_clients too low or it will cause extra load, but dont keep it too high at the same time. For a linux server I usually keep it around 150-200, but that is a little high for what your doing.

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