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    securing qmail messages


    we have a VIP customer who is not happy with our 'enabled ' access to mail messages, as we manage the qmail server .

    Any idea ? I suggested to send encrypted messages , but as everyone knows this is still not common for end users.

    We have signed agreements with staff regarding privacy.

    I was looking some kind of 'envelope system' at server , so mailboxes are encrypted with a key provided by customer


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    If the client is that worried about privacy, tell them they need to manage their own mail. You can not administer a system properly without access to it, this access comes with trust, they either trust you to not mess with their data or they dont.

    The *only* way they are going to get a mail system that only they have access to is if they run it on their own. It's also worth pointing out to them that SMTP is a CLEAR TEXT protocol, *ANYONE* in the path of the message can pick it off the wire.

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